Hotels of Nightmares, Terrible hotels, Worst hotels, Dirtiest hotels

Hotels of Nightmares – Stories you won’t believe happened

June 11, 2021Milena

When booking a hotel online, we most of the time take for granted that what we see on the pictures is what we are going to see upon arriving. Most of the time they meet our expectations, but on some occasions they don’t – and sometimes things can go unexpectedly wrong. That’s exactly what today’s article is going to be about: hotels of nightmares and what happened for me to call them such. You won’t believe me when I’ll tell you how these hotels made me cringe!

A bucket list hotel or a… KFC bucket hotel? – LONDON, Kensington Chelsea | Hotels of Nightmares #1

If the title seems to be sketchy, that’s cause the hotel I’m taking about is. I decided to book that hotel due to the fact that it was located in quite a good location and the photos on Booking were splendid! It looked extremely clean and well kept, while the price per night was no different than the average, certainly not a discounted one when comparing to others.

Upon entering the hotel, there was nobody at the reception. We rang the bell, and rang, and rang, but nobody was coming. After sometime that oscillated between 25/30 minutes, a guy, very unpleasant, came down and finally gave us the key to the room, but not before letting us pay an unreasonable fee for the WiFi which on booking was signalized as included.

But even though we were already annoyed by the place, we were tired from the journey so decided to just get upstairs to the room and not discuss about it further.

And that’s when the hotel really became one of the hotels of nightmares.

We opened the door to the room, just to reveal it to be completely dirty, messy, not cleaned after the previous guests probably. There was even a half full KFC bucket laying on the bed, with some of the chicken wings scattered over the bedsheets…

Our faces twisted in disgust.

The first thing we did of course was get back downstairs to the reception and tell the man that we would like to get a refund instead and go to a different hotel. But before we were able to talk to him, we had to wait for other 20 minutes because yet again he has went somewhere and wasn’t hearing the reception bell.

Well, upon his comeback, we were told that the hotel doesn’t provide refunds so we won’t be able to get our money back at all. Not having planned to have an expense of a completely new hotel booking and it being late at night already, we were forced to stay in that hotel. When we have told the man to give us a different room then, he was reluctant and said it’s impossible that the room wasn’t clean and made us feel like liars.

In the end, he gave us the second room and even though it was definitely not what was shown on the website pictures, at least it was cleaner than the previous one. Not to mention the bathroom, which was a 1×1 box where you could barely manage to stand.

Fortunately we were there only for 1.5 nights, but I still get goosebumps whenever I think about that hotel. That KFC bucket won’t leave my memory any soon, I guess.

Hotels of Nightmares, Terrible hotels, Worst hotels, Dirtiest hotels

A Fishy Business: Aquarium of piranhas – GENUA, S. Pancrazio | Hotels of Nightmares #2

Excuse the pun, but it really was… fishy. Funnily enough, both the 1st and the 2nd hotel I’m describing here had something in their name that reminds you of an aquarium… With that tip I guess you’ll be able to find which hotels I’m talking about if you look for them.

Coming back to the story, let’s talk about my stay in the Italian region of Cinque Terre that left a lot to desire.

For some reason, reviewers on Booking have left good opinions about the location, which aside from being quite close to the central train station and a walking distance from the Aquarium of Genova, was in the midst of a dangerous neighborhood that – I swear – made me close myself in the room and cry from fear that night.

As I walked from the central train station to the hotel, I had to pass through very tiny alleys occupied by men on both sides that were just standing there and looking at you like a passing piece of meat. Maybe I felt it more since I was alone, but it definitely wasn’t a safe place for a woman. I accelerated my steps, but at some point I came across an obstacle – an aftermath of a fight in between men – there was an ambulance, a pool of blood on the street and from what I have seen one of the men put in the ambulance didn’t survive.

That’s when I went around the vehicle and run to the hotel since it was literally a few metres away.

I got into the hotel only to realize I wouldn’t feel any safer there. The man, very impolite (I don’t know what is it with impolite men in terrible hotels), has tried to make me pay twice for the room (I have already paid with card ahead), and then gave me the room.

The room was also one of the worst ones I have seen. The floor didn’t belong to the cleanest and the shower door was broken, but at least I could barricade myself there for the night, including windows (which fortunately has crates there as it was on ground level), since the sun was about to set already.

Yet to rest in that room, was quite impossible. There was a kid playing in the corridors that from what I understood was the kid of the reception guy. The kid itself wasn’t disturbing, I mean, I don’t mind to hear kids play. But the reception guy started to shout at the kid in such an angry manner that I was scared too, I’m not joking. It’s been like that until late hours at night and frankly it was just another thing that made me shiver that night.

In the morning, I decided to skip the included breakfast because all the emotions from the night before made me loose my appetite.

The checkout was at 12, and I was supposed to meet one person to have a quick business chat in my room at 11. The person arrived and followed me to the room, but he was stopped half way by the reception guy asking where is he going.

I told him he’s with me and that we are just going to have a chat and leave the room before the checkout at 12, being less than one hour till that time.

The reception man said it’s impossible since nobody else is allowed in the room and invented a guest supplement of 20 euro (for that less than one hour left), which was of course a scam – he said he will only take cash and didn’t give us any receipt of that payment.

The only good part? The person I met walked me through the alleys back to the train station so I wouldn’t have to go through that place alone again.

Hotels of Nightmares, Terrible hotels, Worst hotels, Dirtiest hotels

Don’t let the bedbugs bite – LVIV, Oblast | Hotels of Nightmares #3

Last but not least comes the terrible hotel I stayed in at Lviv. In my defense, that was a trip organized by my dance school of the time and I didn’t have any say on the hotel choice decision and we only found out the hotel we would stay at upon arrival.

The rooms were hosting 4 people at the time, but the number of the actual guests was actually so much higher – if we count the bedbugs. I remember clearly how we have inspected the beds after one of the girls shouted from seeing one, and to our horror we have only found one bed that was pest-free. What did we do then? We have climbed to the poor girl’s bed, all 4 of us, and slept one on another for the rest of the stay.

But if bedbugs weren’t enough, the bathroom was impossible to use. There was mold all over the bath and the toilet was completely clogged. We were using the bathroom of the other girl’s group neighboring with us.

Honestly, till this day I have no idea why the organizer has let us stay in that hotel upon seeing the conditions and haven’t taken necessary steps to transfer us to a different place. But I guess the reason was what it obviously be – the smell of money…

As you can see, choosing the right hotel is not so easy – as we have to keep in mind that the photos and reviews might not always be adequate to what we will find in the destination of arrival. That’s also one of the reasons why I always strive to show you on this blog the best hotels I have visited and always, ALWAYS give you my extensive and honest opinion of how my experience in a certain hotel was. Remember you can always refer to the hotels I recommend HERE.

Have you also had an unexpected experience with some hotels of nightmares you regretted to choose? Let me know on Instagram @milenacorleoneofficial, Instagram, Pinterest @lenacorleone, Twitter @MilenaCorleone. You can also Buy Me A Coffee if you like my content – HERE.

DISCLAIMER: For legal reasons, hotels described in the article have not been identified in the text with their hotel names. Only the cities and the neighborhoods of the hotels have been revealed, which makes it impossible to univocally identify the facility.
Hotels of Nightmares, Terrible hotels, Worst hotels, Dirtiest hotels
Hotels of Nightmares, Terrible hotels, Worst hotels, Dirtiest hotels
Hotels of Nightmares, Terrible hotels, Worst hotels, Dirtiest hotels
Hotels of Nightmares, Terrible hotels, Worst hotels, Dirtiest hotels

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