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The best castles & palaces in Poland gathered in one place – we discover them, visit them & share our experiences, tips & reviews with you!

Some of these castles & palaces in Poland are also a home for luxury hotels. We have slept in them and we will tell you whether it’s worth it!

Whether you’re a lover of historic castles & palaces in Poland, a connoisseur of luxury destinations or a curious traveller, this is the place where you will find all the necessary information you need (& more!).

We travel & feature monumental objects from the whole Poland – it doesn’t matter if you want to visit Eastern Poland, Western Poland, the North or the South of Poland. Whatever you will want to visit in Poland – you can discover here.

Some of the recommended castles are
Castle Ryn
Krzyżtopór Castle
Castle Giżycko
Lublin Castle
Castle in Nidzica
Castle in Malbork
Castle in Warsaw

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