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  • Gala Night Dress Selection [WITH LINKS]

    June 28, 2019 Milena

    If you have been following our blog, you probably already know how important the dresscode is when it comes to cruise ships. Dressing up in gowns and spectacular dresses is indeed one of the most amazing parts of this kind of vacation, but the whole preparation process of shopping and choosing the right outfits is fun itself! Since I have been recently spending a lot of time searching for the…

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  • Cruise preparations – Full guide to things you need to do before your cruise to feel 100% ready

    April 12, 2019 Milena

    I AM SO EXCITED! Our next cruise is approaching in only one week time and the preparations to it has been going on for so long now! As you already know, I love planning things so I always want to be ready for every occasion and possibility. For this to happen, I start preparing myself for the cruise in advance. I am gonna share with you some things I do…

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  • Cruise Dresscode: The ultimate guide

    March 26, 2019 Milena

    ENG | PL While spending vacation in a very luxurious place, such as a cruise ship, we have to keep our garments appropriate for the cruise dresscode, which is required at dance parties, elegant dinners, visits at the theatre and many other activities available there during the evenings. While going on my first cruise I wasn’t aware of how should I get ready for these events, hence why I remember…

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  • Msc Orchestra Cruise Ship Review Msc Cruises

    Msc Orchestra: Full Review

    March 1, 2019 Milena

    ENG | PL Msc Orchestra was the first cruise ship we have ever been on. When we first embarked on the ship we were positively surprised as the ship really exceeded our expectations.

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  • Cruises: Everything you need to know

    February 26, 2019 Milena

    ENG | PL There isn’t another vacation like a cruise. Being in the middle of the sea with no horizon in sight with just the waves around you while you sip your perfect drink sounds like la bella vita*, but words cannot really describe how it feels like when you actually do it for real. Obviously after this intro you already know that our favourite type of vacation are cruises…

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