• Najciekawsze miejsca w Puławach Co zobaczyc w Puławach Ciekawe miejsca w Puławach Puławy Co zobaczyć Puławy Miejsce na sesje Puławy ciekawe miejsca Puławy atrakcje Day trip from Warsaw Day trip from Lublin

    What to see in Puławy | Day trip from Warsaw

    October 30, 2020 Milena

    ENG | PL Puławy is one of the underestimated destinations on the map of eastern Poland – which is quite surprising considering the number of monuments, palaces and unusual architectural gems that can be seen there. Many of them were inspired by the Italian & Spanish architectonic styles, and what’s more – they even have elements brought straight from these countries over 200 years ago. Puławy is a great place…

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  • Flying during pandemic - Airport procedures

    My experience with flying during pandemic

    October 16, 2020 Milena

    ENG | PL The current situation regarding the coronavirus pandemic influence on travel is very dynamic – no wonder that 2 of my flights with the same airline within 3 weeks looked very different. While in my humble opinion, some of the airlines & airports are managing the whole situation in a somewhat organized manner, some of the procedures or rules that are being implemented do not really make sense.…

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  • Best place for a secluded getaway in Masuria

    October 9, 2020 Milena

    ENG | PL Our trip to Masuria, the region of 2,000 lakes in Poland, was one of the hits of our “Poland expedition”. Since it’s not only a place where we personally like to come back, but also one of the most popular touristic destinations in Poland, we want to show you one more place connected to this area – the Marina Nawigator. If you’re looking for the perfect secluded…

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  • 15 Types of cabins on a cruise ship

    September 18, 2020 Milena

    ENG | PL The cruise ship stateroom you choose will be your home for the week, two or even more – depending on the length of your cruise. That’s why you have to choose it carefully – and think about the pros and cons of all of the different types of cabins on a cruise ship. Usually, people who are on the constant run and don’t spend anytime in the…

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  • Moving to a different country moving abroad

    Hard truth about moving to a different country

    September 3, 2020 Milena

    ENG | PL Moving to a different country for the first time is a big deal. No matter how much do you think you want to leave your country and how ready you think you are, there are some things worth knowing before you make the move. I moved to Italy to live there when I was 19 years old. It was an easy decision -> the dream of living…

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  • Best hotel in Olsztyn Hotel Dyplomat Where to stay in Olsztyn Boutique Hotel in Olsztyn Najlepsze hotele w Olsztynie Najlepszy hotel w Olsztynie Gdzie zatrzymać się w Olsztynie Hotel Dyplomat

    Where to stay in Olsztyn | Hotel Dyplomat

    August 21, 2020 theboatengs

    ENG | PL The upscale elegance of this place can be seen at first glance. The red and beige walls stand out significantly on the city skyline. The sophisticated details of the tenement house make it impossible to pass by without stopping by for a moment of admiration. It delights us already from the outside and surprises with original interiors … This is what Hotel Dyplomat is like, a four-star…

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  • Tips for local travel how to be a hometown tourist

    8 Tips for local travel: Be a hometown tourist

    August 14, 2020 Milena

    ENG | PL One thing I’ve learnt recently was that you don’t really need to travel far away to be a tourist. While you might not be used to “travelling your hometown” and think that you wouldn’t really enjoy it because you already perfectly know it – these tips for local travel might surprise you with different ways to enjoy your hometown as a tourist & maybe even convince you…

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  • What to see in Masuria What to do in Masuria Where to eat in Masuria Ordo Restaurant Restauracja Ordo Zamek Krzyżacki W Nidzicy Szlak Zamków Gotyckich Legenda Zamku w Nidzicy Zamek w Nidzicy Co robić na mazurach co zobaczyć na mazurach polskie zamki gdzie zjeść na mazurach restauracje na mazurach

    The mysteries of the Nidzica Castle

    August 7, 2020 Milena

    ENG | PL Charming accommodation, a restaurant with inspiring dishes, historic gothic architecture or maybe Teutonic walls on a hill? Whatever you call it – it all fit perfectly as a description of this wonderful Teutonic castle in Masuria full of history and its own kind of personality. The castle in Nidzica – because that’s what we’re talking about – is the essence of good taste, a historical journey into…

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  • Home staycation ideas for when you can’t travel

    July 24, 2020 Milena

    ENG | PL When I was sitting at home during the times of quarantine in my city, all I could think of was how much I wanted to travel. Since that wasn’t possible and I couldn’t stop my need for wanderlust, I had to get creative! That’s when I realized that I could take this opportunity and use it as a vacation at home: make it a staycation. With the…

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  • 7 Reasons to visit Hotel Zamek Ryn (Castle)

    July 17, 2020 Milena

    ENG | PL Masuria, a region in the north-eastern Poland, is considered to be one of the wonders of nature. Surrounded by 2,000 lakes, numerous canals and forests, it makes it possible for everyone to feel exceptionally close to nature – which is why Masuria region is extremely often visited by tourists from both Poland and abroad. Somewhere in between the natural beauties, there are many structures which history dates…

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