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More & more hotels, travel agencies, cruise companies & brands are deciding to step up their digital presence by choosing to work with a travel blogger. This kind of collaboration can bring spectacular results as it allows for a direct interaction with the potential clients.

What differentiates ShipMeThere from other cruise & travel blogs?

ShipMeThere largely focuses on creative content that will stay in the reader’s mind for longer than just a simple article. By creating an engaged bond with the readers, ShipMeThere becomes more than just another website – it’s a place that a lot of people use for reference when it comes to travel, cruising, as well as lifestyle, due to its authenticity.

As the owner of the website, I am closely working with a team of professionals & experts in the field, which is confirmed both by the website references, as well as statistics (which I send upon request). By working with me, you will get long-lasting results, that will increase your company’s revenue, visibility & get more clients to your facility. Thanks to my team’s expert level knowledge in SEO, internet marketing, as well as my personal education in terms of psychology of social influence, I know exactly how to promote your business and attract new clients to your brand.

If you are willing to present your hotel or brand on my website or/and social media – don’t hesitate to contact me. I will personally prepare a thorough offer with indicated ways to promote your business in the best possible manner. Thanks to many years of experience in internet/influencer marketing campaigns, you can count on the highest quality promotion. I will help you promote your business on a larger scale.

As for 2019, I no longer work on gifting basis collaborations.

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Areas of marketing I specialize in:

  • Press trips, hotel marketing, cruise company marketing, travel boards & agencies
  • Travel products, Luxury Clothing & Dresses, as well as luxury lifestyle products (product placement)

Some of the brands I previously worked with (100+ total):

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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